LSM Technologies
Microseperator Fuel Purification and Stabiliser Systems

A unique technology that will extend Filter Service Life, removes Emulsified Water / Particulate, kills / removes Bacteria from your Diesel Fuel System either In- line on your Vehicle or your Storage Tanks.

LSM Technologies Fuel Purification System is a unique and specialised technology for sterilising Vehicle Fuel Systems and Large Static / Mobile Storage Tanks by removing Free / Emulsified Water, killing / removing Bacteria and Contamination Particulate to 99.50%.

This unique patented technology provides for enhanced Tank / Engine Service Life, Performance and Productivity by keeping your fuel clean and sterilised from damaging contamination. LSM Technologies Fuel Purification Systems is also aided by the use of our LSM Descant Breather Technology which reduces contamination at the source- see this link to our LSM Breathers.

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