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LSM Technologies Q-CABAIR™ Quality Cabin Environmental Air System is the ultimate technology in ensuring that your Mobile & Fixed Plant Cabin Environment is compliant to OH&S Standards and is the ONLY technology tested & certified to DOP EN1822 for HEPA H13 / H14 Filtration.

LSM Technologies Q-CABAIR™ Quality Cabin Environmental Air System technology is more than just a "cabin pressuriser". LSM Technologies Q-CABAIR™ Technology enhances our RESPA® Technology which is the only Cabin Pressuriser / Filtration Technology field tested and certified to be compliant by an Australian OH&S Regulator- Queensland Mines Inspectorate- Health Surveillance Unit -download the full report.

LSM Technologies Q-CABAIR™ Quality Cabin Environmental Air System provides for optimising the entire Cabin Environmental Conditions such as:

  • Operator Health and Compliance to Airborne Particulate / Fibre Exposure.
  • Optimum Thermal Comfort for the occupants.
  • Correct Air flow for exhaust Air Flow to off- set Co2 concentration (especially for multiple occupants).
  • Optimum Cabin Pressure of 80- 150 pascal.
  • Maximum Filter Service Life.
  • Highest Recirculation Air Filtration of entrapped contamination. 
  • Optional High Ambient HVAC Unit.

LSM Technologies Q-CABAIR™ is also the only Quality Cabin Environmental Cabin Air Technology in the world that is DOP (Dispersed Oil Particulate) tested to EN1822, that provides a true Certified HEPA H13 / H14 Class of Filtration.

 LSM Technologies Q-CABAIR™ Quality Cabin Environmental Air Systems are a proven technology that protects your Equipment and Human Assets providing enormous Cost- downs in HVAC Maintenance, Filter Elements, Labour Costs as well as enhancing Operator Concentration and Performance.

Please also download our Q-CABAIR™ Quality Cabin Environmental Air Systems- "Understanding the Design Essentials" presentation for a complete overview of the current and future design of our technology. 

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