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These series of above video clips (click on the tabs above or links on the LHS column), are of our Test Cabin and demonstrates the efficiency of our Q-CABAIR™ Quality Cabin Environmental Air Systems: 

  • Importance of Cabin Pressurisation / External Air Filtration: A 18 m3 Smoke Emitter with a Particulate size of >0.3 micron is initiated outside of the Test Cabin and directed into the / RESPA™ External Air Supply Unit. The results of Particulate entering the Cabin are displayed graphically on the LCD Screens. 
  • Effects of Co2 Concentration: Co2 Sensors inside (and outside) the Test Cabin graphically depict the Co2 Concentration through natural respiration of a single occupant (Phil) who is a passive state (not driving / no high ambient temperatures / no speaking on the radio, etc).
  • Importance of Recirculation Air Filtration:  Using Particulate Monitors we measure the mass concentration of Particulate inside the Cabin with only a single occupant- just from Phil (our test "pilot").
  • Recirculation Air Filtration- An Extreme Test:   This an extreme test indeed where we initiate inside the Test Cabin a 18 m3 Smoke Emitter with a Particulate size of >0.3  micron. 

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